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FastrackLink is a dynamic travel agency committed to delivering tangible results for individuals and businesses seeking job placements and work permits across North America, Europe, and other continents of the world In addition to our expertise in immigration services, we provide comprehensive tourism packages, facilitate foreign education placements, and offer expert visa advisory services.

Our dedicated team of professionals, supported by experienced staff, possesses extensive knowledge in navigating the intricacies of the immigration process. We are dedicated to providing seamless solutions and personalized support to ensure a smooth and successful process for our clients.

We have over 20 years industry experience with amazing track records and over 90% success rate in all our visa applications.


We Are Always Working To Give You The Best Service.


We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service and great customer support, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction.


We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, minimizing our environmental impact and supporting local communities.

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Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, understand their needs, and tailor each itinerary to exceed their expectations.


We believe in complete transparency with our clients. We never withhold information. Honesty and openness are core values in how we operate.

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With over 20 years industry experience, amazing track records and over 90% success rate in all our visa applications

Frequently Asked Questions

We find answering your questions to be quite engaging and it adds an interesting dimension to our collaboration.
Below, we’ve anticipated and provided answers to some of the questions you may have.

We boast expert consultants dedicated to addressing your needs.

Transparency is paramount in all our dealings.

Our integrity is non-negotiable.

Expect personalized services tailored to your specifications.

We’ve facilitated numerous successful placements, turning countless travel dreams into reality. Our clients are invaluable to us.

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FastrackLink maintains an exceptional success rate, the highest in the industry. However, it’s important to note that visa decisions ultimately rest with the embassy and visa officer, operating at their discretion.

Clients have the option to reapply in the event of a visa refusal. However, should they opt not to proceed with reapplication, FastrackLink offers a refund of a certain percentage of their payment. But Visa fees paid to embassy are non-refundable.

FastrackLink strictly refrains from engaging in visa racketeering. Our role is solely to provide assistance in the visa application process, including document checklist guidance, advice, and adherence to embassy protocols.

Typically, a specified or tentative processing time is provided, which may be subject to extenuating circumstances and the discretion of the embassy. In certain countries, processing time may also depend on interview scheduling, which in turn is subject to availability.

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YES – Supporting documents may be required in special cases, and terms & conditions apply.

NO – All documents submitted to us must be original and genuine.



Certainly, FastrackLink partners with employers from select countries worldwide to recruit foreign workers and facilitate the processing of their work permits.

While full payment is preferred, we do allow for a deposit, with the balance to be settled immediately upon successful visa acquisition and before handing over the documents to you.